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Contributing Fly Tyer Series

Stephen Seed Flies

Green Spey 

Oregon Fly Tyer Stephen Seed has joined Salmonfly.Net as the newest contributor, and we are so glad he did. He has only been fly fishing for a few years and tying for even less, but he is either a fast learner or naturally talented. Check out his first installment of Salmon and Steelhead fly contributions. More...

Contributing Fly Tyer Series

Dennis Dickson
Mono Loop Queets River G.P.

Mono Loop Queets River G.P. 

The Queets River Mono-Loop G.P. was developed to present a fly that would sink well (thanks to the brass eyes) and sink belly down, so it tracks well as it swims in the swing. This fly pattern is simplified so you are not scared to lose a fly or two probing amongst the stones where the steelhead live. More...

Fly Patterns

Kilchis Killer

In addition to the numerous flies on the Contributing Fly Tyers page, you will find hundreds of other popular traditional and modern Steelhead, Pacific Salmon, Atlantic Salmon, Saltwater, and Sea-Run Cutthroat flies on Salmonfly.Net. Begin by clicking on one of the links in the menu over the top of the page. 

Contributing Fly Tyer Series

Ken Broadhead Wulff Fly Variations

White Wulff- Tied by Ken Broadhead

Anyone who has ever admired the life and works of Lee Wulff, should like this new series of Wulff fly variations. These flies, originally developed as dry flies for trout have been adapted as wets for steelhead by Ken Broadhead.  More...

William Lovelace Flies

Madison Electric October Caddis -A new fly from our most prolific contributor, William Lovelace. More...

For over 15 years Salmonfly.Net has been publishing the flies of contributing fly tyers from all over the world. The wonderfully hackled Spey and Dees of Clark Lucas were the first to be shown, but were quickly followed by the flies of contributors from Idaho to Sweden; flies of all types - Classic featherwings and hairwings, Pacific Salmon flies, Sea-Run Cuttthroat flies, Steelhead flies, Atlantic Salmon flies and many in-between. Browse through the Contributing Fly Tyer pages to the many hundreds of flies sent over the years. See the  Contributing Fly Tyers Series.

Do you have a photo of a successful fly that you tied, or a story to share? Let us know. Here...

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