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Rotabunny Patterns

Pink RotabunnyGreen RotabunnyOrange RotabunnyFuschia Rotabunny

Rotapixie Patterns 

Pink Rotapixie Chartreuse RotapixiePurple RotapixieOrange Rotapixie



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John Glaspy at his Tying Bench

UCLA Medical Center physician, Dr John Glaspy, has been tying innovative Pacific Salmon fly patterns for his annual trips to Alaska for quite some time now. Several years ago, he began sharing them with Salmonfly.Net readers as a Contributing Fly Tyer with his unique brand of speys. He continues with this series of "Roto" flies, complete with instructions for constructing them. For more of his flies see The Flies of John Glaspy.

Webmaster Notes: On Saturday, Dec 27, I went to the river to fish the late run of Chum Salmon that we get,  armed with only with one fly box of John's Rotabunnies and Rotapixies. It was a banner day. As I told John, I lost count of the number caught and released using only the chartreuse and the orange Rotabunnies. I never got the chance to try the rest of the flies.

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