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A Perfectly Boiled Shrimp

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"A Perfectly Boiled Shrimp" was tied by Salmonfly.Net contributor Rune Westphal, from Frederiksvaerk, Denmark. Rune lives near some of the best seatrout flyfishing-shores in Denmark. Read more about Rune at The Flies of Rune Westphal.

The slide show above is a Step-by Step pictorial of instructions of how to tie "A Perfectly Boiled Shrimp". Click on "Next Step" to advance the slides. If you have any questions about this please send them to the webmaster and he will get you an answer from Rune.

Name A Perfectly Boiled Shrimp
Category Seatrout
Hook Tiemco TMC 8089N # 8
Thread Uni-thread, Nylon
Tail (mouthparts): Mallard flank tied on top of the soft marabou from the same feathers, in Hot pink
Butt STF Dubbing, or Lite Brite, pink
Rib Nylon or flourcarbon 0,15mm
Weight Tungsten or lead
Eyes Black nylon Shrimp/crab eyes
Legs Transparent flexible oval silicone 0,5mm
Feelers polarbear, pink, long over short (use less of the long fibers)
Body Wool from pink polar bear mixed with STF or pink Litebrite
Carapace Thin skin, transparent
Color-finish Orvis Matches pencil crimson red, yellow and black used for legs and back
Varnish Floo Gloo


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