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Athol Wine
Mark Willigar Flies

This fly stems from asking a guy what he caught a grilse on one morning, and he lied and told me it was similar to this pattern, but I found out later, it was actually something else he caught it on. Me being a young guy and bothering him to ask "whatcha catch that on?", he wasn't a very friendly sort, so he reluctantly answered me, telling me it had a wine colored body, squirrel wing, and yellow hackle. I promptly went home and proceeded to tie a reasonable facsimile. This is basically what I come up with. I explained it to a guy that knew him, and he said "he lied to ya boy, it was a Cosseboom he was using that day!" The thing is, for several seasons, I caught salmon on this fly and still have one in my box, good thing I was gullible enough to believe him. This is also named after a community where I fished salmon growing up.

Athol Wine 

Name Athol Wine
Category Atlantic Salmon
Hook #2-12 Single Salmon
Tag Oval silver tinsel
Tip Bright Green Floss
Butt Black Ostrich Herl
Tail Golden Pheasant Crest
Butt Bronze peacock herl, or black seal fur
Body Claret seal fur
Hackle Palmered Claret hen neck feather
Wing Gray Squirrel
Hackle Yellow, tied as collar


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