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The Silver Hairy
A James Barker Fly

The Silver Hairy, A James Barker Fly

Name The Silver Hairy
Category Pacific Salmon
Hook Kamasan B190 Deepwater Salmon size 1/0?2, or a comparable stainless steel hook for salt water
Thread White 3/0 Uni-Thread for the body; Black B Uni-Thread for the head; After combing out the dubbing, attach the B thread and wrap back and forth to form a head large enough to accommodate the 3D eyes. After the eyes are attached as described below, coat both the eyes and head heavily with two-part, clear rod epoxy. Allow 24 hours to thoroughly dry.
Eyes 3D Eyes: After the head is formed, put a few drops of head cement on the sides. Then press the eyes firmly in place on the cemented areas. Although the eyes come with a sticky backing, it?s often insufficient to keep them attached while applying the epoxy finish.
Body A thick wad of dubbing formed by stacking 10-12 folded strands of green Angel Hair on top of a small amount of Hareline Ice Dub Holographic Olive on top of Hareline Ice Dub Holographic Silver: The amount of Angel Hair and Olive combined should be approximately half the amount of Silver so that the Silver is the predominant colour. See my note below.
Tail None
ThroatGehrke?s Fish Fuzz #20 Salmon Egg Red

James Barker's Notes: The body of the Silver Hairy is formed in one operation by combing out the dubbing using a piece of velcro, as described in my previous article on the Jim Dandy . This procedure loosens the long strands of dubbing fibres so that they stream back beyond the hook bend. The result is a highly mobile, hairy-like, translucent body of silver with a greenish undertone. This particular colour combination is intended to resemble herring, which form 70% of a salmon?s diet. Another effective dubbing combination is Electric Pink Angel Hair on top of Hareline UV Dub Shrimp Pink on top of Hareline Ice Dub Holographic Silver. In this case, the fly can be taken for salmon smolt or steelhead fry. The combinations are as endless as the tyer?s imagination.

James Barker is one of the newest contributing fly tyers for Salmonfly.Net. Read about him and his flies at The Flies of James Barker.

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