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Lady Amherst and Orange Parson
Tied by Ken Broadhead

Lady Amherst and Orange Parson
Name Lady Amherst
Category Classic Atlantic Salmon Fly
Tag Fine oval tinsel and yellow floss
Tail Topping and strands of teal
Butt Black Ostrich
Body Flat silver tinsel
Rib Oval silver tinsel
Hackle Badger
Throat Teal reaching to hook barb
Wings Two jungle back to back, veiled with two Amherst tippets on each side                             
Sides Jungle cock
Cheeks Chatterer
Topping Golden pheasant
Head Black

Name Orange Parson
Category Classic Atlantic Salmon Fly
Tag Oval silver tinsel & lilac silk
Tail Golden Pheasant crest and tippet in strands
Body Orange floss, followed by orange, red and brown sealís fur
Rib Large oval silver tinsel
Hackle Lemon from third turn of tinsel
Throat Cock-of-the-rock or substitute
Wings Two Golden Pheasant tippets veiled each side with cock-of-the-rock or substitute
Sides Strips of barred wood duck
Cheeks Chatterer or substitute
Topping Golden pheasant
Horns Blue & gold Macaw
Head Black

These versions of Lady Amherst and Orange Parson were tied by Ken Broadhead. You will find many more of his exceptional  flies at The Flies of Ken Broadhead.

Ken's Notes: ...a couple of old classics I tied years ago.

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