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Leo Diving & searching for Lost Lobster Pot's Scottish fly tyer and fly fisherman, Leon Guthrie has been tying flies and showing them on this site almost since its inception and it is hard to believe that he said back then that he was a relative newcomer.  Leon's output of his unique creations over the years has been nothing short of  phenomenal. He is by far the most prolific contributor to this site, but his collection is not limited to Salmonfly.Net. There also is an extensive collection of Leon's flies put together by Mark Mowbray from Game Angler Online and another site was started by a friend for him called the Flies of Leon Guthrie.  There are 763 files on that site, the majority of which are fly photos.  Most of Leon's flies are tied for fishing but he also ties some extraordinary realistic and novelty flies that you have to see to believe. You can visit The Flies of Leon Guthrie on this site to see some of them, but when Leon started putting together some video slide shows on YouTube, I jumped at the chance to embed them for your review here.  I should also mention that Leon constructed two very nice Video Slide Show presentations in memory of Scotty Howell, who passed away in 2008 and Yuri  Shumakov who passed away in 2008. Both were also prolific contributors to Salmonfly.Net. Please take some time to view the memorial presentations at the links before viewing the amazing flies of Leon Guthrie.

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