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Idaho native, Clark Lucas was the first fly contributor to Salmonfly.Net, gracing our early pages with his characteristically long-hackled Speys and Dees. Clark, attributes his "addiction" to Spey tying to his instructor and mentor, Master Fly Tyer, Dr. David Burns, from whom he learned "most of what he knows about tying them." You can read much more about Clark and see many of his flies on his main page on this site, The Flies of Clark Lucas . I asked Clark for some of his fly recommendations for summer steelhead for the readers and he obliged with that and more, but I also felt obligated to show the readers some of the flies that Clark presented to me awhile back. I hope Clark will pardon the appearance of some of the flies which have already been used and become a little more disheveled since he first sent them. Most of them are packed into the box below, and two of them, that I have not yet used are presented in the two thumbnails below Clark's comments. You can see the long, flowing hackles of the flies in the box and get a feel perhaps for the type of action they have in the water.

Flies from Clark Lucas given to the webmaster.

Click on the image to enlarge it.

"The key flies in my mind for summer Steelhead revolve around Lady Caroline Spey, Green Butt Speys (Burns), Silver and Black Spey, South fork Salmon River Spey, Purple King, Black King, Green Butt Skunk (Polar Bear Wing), and Black and Orange Strip Wing (Turkey) Spey.

I would first (swim) these greased line, then with strip lead wrapped 14-20" above fly, to sink tip for deeper hole and runs.  Size of flies, 3/0-1/0."


The Flies
Click on the image to enlarge

Night Hawk Variation 1Night Hawk Variation 2

See The Flies of Clark Lucas for the rest of the flies in his series.


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