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The Flies of William Lovelace
Bill Lovelace at Albany Exposition Oregon fly tyer and fly fisherman William Lovelace has had the good fortune of being mentored or spent time with some of the best fly tyers in the Northwest, like Dave Barlow, Dave McNeese, John Shewey, Alec Jackson, Rich Youngers, Dr. David Burns, and Harry Lemire. That and living near some of the best summer steelhead water in the country makes him a good judge of some useful flies. These flies are a group of new summer steelhead flies Bill tied for this issue plus several of his other flies already posted.

The Flies

New Posts

Peacock and TinselBlack DiamondDave's Redwing (McNeese) Giant KillerSummertime Blues

The following fly: South Fork Salmon River Spey is a creatiion of Dr. David Burns, a contributor to Salmonfly.Net. It is mentioned in n John Shewey’s book Spey Flies & Dee Flies. and is also a favorite of Clark Lucas for summer steelhead fishing.

South Fork Salmon River Spey (Burns)
South Fork Salmon River Spey


Previously Posted

Green Butt SkunkBurlapFall Favorite (Silvius) Love's LureSpade (Arnold)

The following two flies: Shewey's Spawning Purple and Maxwell's Purple Matuka are noted by John Shewey and Forest Maxwell in Fly Fishing for Summer Steelhead as their favorite flies for summer steelhead, the flies that they probably fish 95% of the time.

Spawning Purple (John Shewey)
Shewey's Spawning Purple

Purple Matuka (Maxwell)
Maxwell's Purple Matuka

To see more of of Bill's flies visit The Flies of William Lovelace.

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