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Duncan?s Golden Shrimp - A Jack Cook Fly

Duncan?s Golden Shrimp

Name Duncan?s Golden Shrimp
Category Steelhead/Salmon
Hook Waddington Shank w/trailer
Tail Coral Golden Pheasant Rump wound over as hackle; Brownish Rhea tied in on all 4 sides of shank; Golden Pheasant Tail tied in on all 4 sides of shank
Rear Shellback Golden Pheasant Breast
Body Copper Glimmer Body
Front Shellback Golden Pheasant Breast
Head Black

Duncan?s Golden Shrimp, as seen from above in this view, was designed and tied by contributing fly tyer Jack Cook. This is the first fly on this site tied on a Waddington Shank and so brings up another facet of this craft. Jack was as excited about this as I, though he has much more experience with it. His comments in an email about this were "It has been a lot of fun developing the Waddington patterns over the last few seasons. The flies are a lot different and they really produce and really hold the hook up." Read more of his comments about Duncan?s Golden Shrimp below.

Jack's Notes:This is a cross between an Irish Shrimp pattern and a GP. With the last few years of low, clear water in the Winter I have been playing with patterns, which are big and move fish but are not going to scare them off or put them down. This pattern is loaded with Golden Pheasant feathers; hence the name and these buggy looking bits and pieces coupled with the Copper Glimmer Body produce a fly with lots of action, lots of movement, and lots of fish moving abilities. This looks great on Waddington Shanks down to 15mm and makes a great fly summer or winter in clear water.

You can see more of Jack's flies at The Flies of Jack Cook.

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