Steve Burke's Salmon and Steelhead Fly-Tying Guide
The Green Erling
By Petru Dima

The Green Erling, A Petru Dima Fly
Name The Green Erling
Category Atlantic Salmon
Hook Partridge Bartlett #2
TagSilver wire
TipFlorescent green
TailGolden pheasant toping
ButtOstrich black
Body8 yellow and 8 olive floss braided. 2/3 parts of the body green/olive/peacock/peacock black ICE dubbing
WingWing of green SLF hanks and mixed with green arctic fox. Roof Ferry brown and black arctic fox mixed with some peacock Angel Hair
Front HackleGreen cock and over a collar tied Golden pheasant body feather dyed black

Take a good look at this fly tied by Contributing Fly Tyer Petru Dima. He employs a revolutionary braiding technique that is asthetically pleasing and durable.Petru's Red & Green Hot Chilli Pepper Shrimp won the MUSTAD Scandinavian Open Fly tying Competition 2002, cat. 8 Open (which see). This fly, designed for Atlantic Salmon looks like it would also be a very effective fly for Steelhead. Petru's bio and more flies will be coming. See his notes below

What is new is the way I braid the silk. The technique of mixing different materials or colours in the body opens up new doors for the imagination. The body of the fly is not only more beautiful, but also stronger. The traditional way of using the silk means that just one fish can spoil half an hour's work at the vice (sometimes more), as the silk unravels. With my technique, which means that the ends hold each other in place, the fly can easily be repaired with a scissors and some glue. The advantages are obvious and I know many flyfishers will appreciate it. They can now start tying beautiful floss bodies for their salmon flies again. Those who only tie their flies for fishing will no doubt wave it off and call my method nonsense.

For me, it is important that the flies I fish with are also beautiful. That is at least half the pleasure. The other half is the fishing itself and being on the river.