Steve Burke's Salmon and Steelhead Fly-Tying Guide
Faltin's Artic-Blue
By Jan Faltin

Faltin's Artic-Blue, A Jan Faltin Fly
Name Faltin's Artic-Blue
CategoryAtlantic Salmon
HookMustad Double #8
TagFine silver tinsel
TailTopping Golden Pheasant
ButtDark Blue
RibSilver tinsel
BodyEx. Large Uni Mylar silver
WingBlue Fox or Tempel dog hair with blue angel hair
HackleBlue guinea fowl
CheekJungle cock
HeadBlack with a small band of mirage

Faltin's Artic-Blue was tied by contributing fly tyer, Swedish tyer Jan Faltin. You can see more of his flies at The Flies of Jan Faltin.