Steve Burke's Salmon and Steelhead Fly-Tying Guide
Faltin's Thunder and Lightning
By Jan Faltin

Thunder and Lightning, A Jan Faltin Fly
Name Faltin's Thunder and Lightning
CategoryAtlantic Salmon
HookKen Sawada #6
TagGold tinsel and yellow fluorescent stretch nylon
TailA couple straws of yellow ice bear and yellow angel hair and over the half tail some straws of red.
ButtBlack ostrich herl
RibOval gold tinsel and mirage/ coat the body after you have wrapped the mirage and gold tinsel
BodyBlack stretch nylon
Hackle1A deep orange hackle
Wing1The first one is yellow ice bear but only a couple of straw and some angel hair
Hackle2Blue guinea fowl
Wing2Black Temple dog hair and over that some straw of peacock
CheekJungle Cock
HeadBlack with a small band of mirage

Faltin's Artic-Blue was tied by our newest contributing fly tyer, Swedish tyer Jan Faltin. You can see more of his flies at The Flies of Jan Faltin. See his notes below.

Notes: This one sparkles and flashes alot in the water so the name thunder & lightning is the appropriate.