Steve Burke's Salmon and Steelhead Fly-Tying Guide
Faltin's Akroyd Variant Top View
By Jan Faltin

Faltin's Akroyd Variant Top View, A Jan Faltin Fly
Name Faltin's Akroyd Variant Top View
CategoryAtlantic Salmon
TagSilver tinsel
Tail Hot orange topping
Butt Black Ostrich Herl
Rib Silver tinsel
BodyThe first light orange antron dubbed / second half fire brown antron
HackleHot orange badger hackel over the orange body and fire brown heron subst over the dark body
WingMarried strips of brown and white gose in the middle of the wing
SidesJungle Cock drooping
Head Black with a band of mirage

This variation of the Ackroyd was tied by our newest contributing fly tyer, Swedish tyer Jan Faltin. You can see more of his flies at The Flies of Jan Faltin.