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Faltin?s Black & Orange Muddler
A Jan Faltin Fly

Faltin’s Black & Orange Muddler, by Jan Faltin

Name Faltin?s Black & Orange Muddler
TagOval gold tinsel and hot orange stretch nylon
TailSLF fiber and over that some hot orange GP-tippets
BodyFirst half: Black stretch nylon and the second half ice dub golden brown, mixed with hot orange ice dubbing
Rib Oval gold tinsel
Body HackleBadger dyed hot orange
WingBlack with a few strands of red angelhair
Shoulder Thin black grizzly feather to the point of the wing
Hackle Thin streaking hair as collar hackle to the third wrap of the gold tinsel and after that deer hair dyed hot orange, and make a nice head of this
Head Follow up with black thread and make a head with a band of mirage over

Faltin?s Black & Orange Muddler is originated and tied by contributing Swedish fly tyer, Jan Faltin. He ties this fly primarily for Sea Trout, but I would be inclined to use it for Steelhead and Salmon as well. You can see more of Jan's flies at The Flies of Jan Faltin.

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