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The Black Doctor
Dressed by By Dave Potts

The Black Doctor, Tied by Dave Potts

Name The Black Doctor
Category Atlantic Salmon
Tag Silver tinsel, Yellow Silk
Tail Golden Pheasant Crest and Chatterer
Butt Scarlet Berlin Wool
Body Black Silk
Ribbing Oval Silver Tinsel
Hackle A Purple(variation from blue) Cock Hackle From Second Turn.
Wing Tippets in Strands, Pintail, Dark Mottled Turkey, Swan Dyed Blue and Yellow, Red Macaw, Golden Pheasant Tail, Gallina, Mallard, and a Topping.
Throat Gallina
Cheeks Blue Chatterer or Kingfisher
Horns Blue and Yellow Macaw
Head Scarlet (Wool)

This rendition of The Black Doctor was tied by Oregon fly fisherman and tyer Dave Potts. Dave worked as a commercial tyer for several years and now enjoys tying antique replicas of salmon and trout fly patterns for his business, "Victorian Flies". Look for more more of his flies in the weeks ahead as a Salmonfly.Net contributing fly tyer.

You can read about Dave and see many more of his flies by visiting The Flies of Dave Potts.

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