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Fat Freddie

Name Fat Freddie
Category Pacific Salmon
Hook Large-Gaped Hook, 1/0-3/0
TailWhite Marabou, With A Few Strands of Gray Ghost Krystal Flash
BodyGlo-Bug Yarn, Fluorescent Red, Orange, or Pink
WingWhite Marabou, With A Few Strands of Silver Flashabou

This is another one of those large "Mega" egg patterns from Alaska that works well in sizes 2/0 to 3/0 for King Salmon. It's more of an egg cluster, then an egg imitation. Tie on a few strands of the Krystal flash at the tail before tying in the marabou. Bring thread forward and tie in a few strands of silver crystal flash forward over the eye before tying the marabou forward over the eye. Tie in the glo bug yarn of desired color as you would for the smaller glo-bug, (which see). Stop at the front wing, and work the thread through to the eye so you can fold the marabou back, whip finish, and tie off the thread. Comb out the yarn, or pick it out with your bodkin and trim the glo-bug yarn to a large egg shape, and there you have it. This fly should be drifted through deep runs where the kings are holding.




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