Steve Burke's Salmon and Steelhead Fly-Tying Guide
Lemire's Fall Caddis (Lemire)

Lemire's Fall Caddis (Lemire)
Name Lemire's Fall Caddis
Category Steelhead
TagBronze or Copper Wire (Optional)
RibBronze or Copper Mylar or Wire
BodyBurnt-Orange Dubbing, Full
WingA Pair of Dark, Mottled Hen Feathers Tied Tent Style over Gray Squirrel Tail
Collar and HeadDark Moose Hair Spun Around Shank and Trimmed to Bullet Shape; A few Strands Left Long as Collar; Head Should be Flat on Bottom and and Cemented

This adult caddis fly pattern, developed by Harry Lemire around 1984 is meant to be fished "damp-waking" style, to simulate the adult making a comotion on the surface. This is a good all-aorund color, but it can be varied.