Steve Burke's Salmon and Steelhead Fly-Tying Guide
Cased Caddis (LaFontaine)

Cased Caddis (LaFontaine)
Name Cased Caddis (LaFontaine)
Category Steelhead / Trout
HookSize 6-16; Front One-Fifth of Hook is Carefully Bent Up at a 45 Degree Angle; Straight Portion is Weighted
CaseSoft Hackle Feathers (Color Depends on whether you are imitating wood-cased or stone-cased caddis), Wind Forward and Trim to Shape
Body (Bent Portion)Pale Yellow or Cream Yarn, Wound in Front of Case
HackleA Few Dark Hackle Fibers Tied Directly Under and Sweeping Back Below Case

This Cadisfly imitation simulates a caddis larva emerging from its case. It was developed by the late Gary LaFontaine and is shown in his book Caddisflies.