Steve Burke's Salmon and Steelhead Fly-Tying Guide
G.G. Egg Sucking Leech (Olive)
By Scott Howell

G.G. Egg Sucking Leech (Olive), A Scott Howell Fly
Name GG Olive Egg Sucking Leech - 'G.G.' denotes Glue Gun
Category Pacific Salmon / Steelhead
Hook Alec Jackson (Daichi 2050 or 2051) Spey Fly Hook sizes #7 through #3
Thread8/0 Fire Orange (UniThread)
TailOlive or Sculpin Olive and Rust Marabou with a few strands of Root Beer Krstal Flash
BodyRiverborn New Age Chennile (or New Age Chocolate Mint) Size 2 w/palmered Olive Saddle Hackle from beginning of body to hook return loop. I tend to wrap 3-4 turns of the hackle at the end of the body to form a full collar. The Body is weighted with 8 to 10 wraps of .020 lead wire under the Chenille.
EggFormed with Hareline 5/16" Glue Gun Stick - Oregon Cheese or Light Roe. I tend to add the 'egg' leaving enough room on the return loop for a riffling hitch.

This variation of the Egg Sucking Leech was originated and tied by contributing tyer, Scott Howell of Bothell, WA. Scott also contributed this week's Steelhead Fly of the Week, and we're hoping to see more of his inovative ties in the future. See his notes below about this fly.

SCOTT'S NOTES: The G.G. Egg Sucking Leech is another variation of a very popular Northwest Pattern in which I've substituted hot glue for the chenille 'roe' and replaced the dumbbell weight by weighing the fly under the body w/ lead wire. This pattern can also be dressed in Black, Brown, Purple, and Claret and has been used effectively on just about any salmonoid.