Steve Burke's Salmon and Steelhead Fly-Tying Guide
Leons Glitter Squirrel Fry and Silver Squirrel Fry
Originated and Tied By Leon Guthrie

Glitter Squirrel Fry and Silver Squirrel Fry
Name Leons Glitter Squirrel Fry and Silver Squirrel Fry
Category All Salmon Species
HookSingle Spey Salmon Hook (Size of your own Choice)
Body Glitter version: (see details of glitter make-up on Leon's "Glitter Bugs"). Apply a thin coat of clear epoxy 3/4 way along hook shank and dip into glitter mix. Note: The glitter that I have used has mixed colours, the choice is your's. Once dry, repeat the process twice more, applying the glitter. Now select a small bunch of Natural Gray Squirrel Tail hair, keeping it as long as Possible. Attach on top of the hook by only a few turns of black tying thread and apply some Super Glue to mix into the Squirrel Hair to bond it all together. If you do not do this, the middle hair in the bundle will come out. Now build head To the size that will accommodate placing a Fish Hawk Eyes. Prior to fitting the eyes, use a pair of smooth-faced pliers to squeeze both sides of the head that you have built. Since the thread has been super glued, it remains firm when you flatten the head with the pliers. A flat surface is created to fit the eyes on. Now simply finish by applying a thin coat of clear epoxy glue over the head and eyes. The Silver Squirrel Fry Version differs only that I have used UNI-Mylar 3/64 in. #12 (Pearl) for the body going back and forth along the hook shank several times. Each time you complete the length of the hook, ensure you wind a turn or two to catch in the Mylar. If you drop the bobbin, it unwinds like a spring!. When you finish the body of mylar ensure you apply a thin coat of clear epoxy resin on it (I just apply and rub it with my finger to get a thin coating on the Mylar). If you do not do this, the Salmon's teeth will strip the Mylar causing it to uncoil.
Comments This is a very simple, yet effective Fry Pattern. In wet conditions, the White tips Of the Squirrel Tail acts like the Fry tail motion. The Glitter and/or Mylar only serves as an attractor. Other materials can be utilized to serve as the attractor. Weight the hook shank with lead if you require to fish deeper pools. I apply Red Fish Hawk eyes to indicate which hooks are weighted versions.
Fishing Tips Particularly effective in slightly coloured water.

Another creation, originated and tied by Leon Guthrie of Galashiels, Scotland. Leon's original flies are unique, not only for their realism, but for their originality, and Leon has had great success with them See more Leon Guthrie originals at The Flies of Leon Guthrie.