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Green Weenie
A Mike Foster Fly

Green Weenie

Name Green Weenie
Category Salmon/Steelhead

Gamakatsu T10-6H, Mustad 36890, Eagle Claw 1197S, or Daiichi Steelhead Irons size 8 -2

Thread Fluorescent green
Tail Black kip, squirrel, or bear, mixed with green Krystal Flash
Body Back half: silver tinsel; Front half: Fluorescent green chenille
Hackle Fluorescent green
Head Silver bead eyes

Green Weenie was tied by Mike Foster. See his notes below about the fly.

Mike's Notes: "The first Green Weenie I ever saw Tom Ugrin gave to me one morning on the South Fork of the Eel.  I changed it very little..a couple of crystal flash strands in the tail and a green tag, and that is what I have used ever since."

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