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Buzzard's Delight
A Mike Foster Fly


Buzzard’s Delight

Name Buzzard’s Delight
Category Salmon/Steelhead

Gamakatsu T10-6H, Mustad 36890, Daiichi Alex Johnson Spey, Daiichi Steelhead Irons, Size 4 to 2/0

Thread Fluorescent red
Tag Flat silver tinsel

Rear 2/3 is fluorescent red fuzzy yarn with flat silver rib; Front 1/3 is large black Ice Chenille

Wing Silver Flash-A-Bou
Hackle Fluorescent pink, then bright red, then black marabou, magenta dyed Guinea

Buzzard's Delight was originated and tied by by Contributing Fly Tyer Mike Foster.

Mike's Notes: "The marabou flies, the Midnight Scruffy, Rotor Special, and Buzzard's Delight came about in the late 80's and early 90's. They were my reaction to the growing popularity of the popsicle in this area. I was too old fashioned to fish with a fly that didn't have a body, so I started developing my own. I also wanted a fly that presented a little more of a silhouette than the all marabou flies did. So, I put the ice chenille in to puff the marabou a little while it was swinging in the water. I picked colors that worked in local waters first, and went from there. I also gave some thought to the success that the lure guys were having, so I tried to add some flash to the natural movement of the marabou."

You can see more of Mike's flies at The Flies of Mike Foster .


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