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Buzzard's Delight
A Mike Foster Fly

Buzzard’s Delight

Name Buzzard’s Delight
Category Salmon/Steelhead

Gamakatsu T10-6H, Mustad 36890, Daiichi Alex Johnson Spey, Daiichi Steelhead Irons, Size 4 to 2/0''''''''''''''''''''''

Thread Fluorescent red
Tag Flat silver tinsel

Rear 2/3 is fluorescent red fuzzy yarn with flat silver rib; Front 1/3 is large black Ice Chenille'''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''

Wing Silver Flash-A-Bou
Hackle Fluorescent pink, then bright red, then black marabou, magenta dyed Guinea

Buzzard's Delight was originated and tied by by Contributing Fly Tyer Mike Foster.

Mike's Notes: Read Mike's notes about Mike's Marabous for some persective about the development of Buzzard's Delight.

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