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The Humus, Fat Edition
Tied By Tobbe Hedin

The Humus, Fat Edition, Tied By Tobbe Hedin


The Humus, Fat Edition

Category Sea Trout
Hook Partridge Salar Gold Size 3 - 9
Thread Black
Tag Holographic Gold Mini Flatbraid
Butt Fiery Brown Chickabou Hackle as Collar
Rib Holographic Gold Mini Flatbraid

1/3 Golden Orange Antron Yarn 1/3 Golden Orange Ice Dub 173 Rusty Gliss N´Dub

Body Hackle

Badger Cook Dyed Hot Orange

Wing Two Strands Orange Mirror Flash, Chinchilla Zonker Strip Dyed Hot Orange
Hackle Fiery Brown Chickabou, Hot Orange Guinea Fowl as a Collar
Cheeks Jungle Cock

Black Varnish

The Humus "Fat" Edition is tied by contributing fly tyer, Swedish fly fisherman and tyer, Tobbe Hedin. We will be seeing more of his flies in the weeks to come. This fly was designed for, and has proven itself for Sea Trout, but would be equally successful for Salmon and Steelhead here as it has for him on his native Ljungan - a river that runs through the middle of Sweden. This is what he had to say about The Humus "Fat" Edition.

"Try this Pattern in Dark rivers in sunshine and in Clear rivers when it´s cloudy"

Read more about Tobbe Hedin and see more of his flies at The Flies of Tobbe Hedin .

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