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Stormy Evening Muddler
Tied By Tobbe Hedin

Stormy Evening Muddler, Tied By Tobbe Hedin


Stormy Evening Muddler

Category Sea Trout / Salmon / Steelhead
Hook Salar Silver size 3 or on Tube
Thread Black
Tag Holo Silver Mini Flatbraid
Tail Magenta Artic Fox tail or Magenta Polar bear with two strands of Pink Crystal Flash
Body Part 1 Fuchsia Ice Dub
Body Hackle

Purple Wollybugger hackle between the back and the front body. Then a Magenta Pheasant Feather tied in GP style

Body Part 2 Fuchsia Ice Dub
Front Hackle First a Magenta Wollybugger Hackle. Then two strands of Purple Ice Angel Hair with a Purple Pheasant Feather tied in GP style. Then a second Wollybugger Hackle Black with two strands of Pearl Ice Angel Hair tied in. Finally a Black Pheasant Feather Tied in GP style

Black Deer Hair tied in Muddler style and a Black Cone Head in front of the Muddler Head. Finally trim down the Deer Hair from the Cone and the Fly is Ready.

Tobbe Hedin's Stormy Evening Muddler was inspired by Bjorn’s Super Prawn.

Tobbe writes: "This fly I have only tried once but it should be a real killer in slow water pools in the evening. The Muddler head gives the fly a special sound in the water so if you try this fly you should hold on hard to your rod handle. "

Read more about Tobbe Hedin and see more of his flies at The Flies of Tobbe Hedin .

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