Steve Burke's Salmon and Steelhead Fly-Tying Guide
Fall Favorite
Tied By Scott Howell

Fall Favorite, Tied By Scott Howell
Name Fall Favorite
Category Steelhead
Hook Alec Jackson Spey (Daiichi 2051) Size #7 through #3
Tip/Tag Fine Gold Oval Tinsel
Body Medium Pearl Mylar Tinsel
RibFine Gold Oval Tinsel (optional)
CollarRed Chinese Hen Hackle
WingHot Orange Davy Wotton SLF (hanks) under Hot Orange Calf Tail
HeadDanville un-waxed 6/0 Fl/Fire Orange Flymaster thread

The Fall Favorite is one of the Steelhead flies considered a standard for fall and early winter fishing. Scott Howell's rendition adds a touch of sophistication and classiness while preserving the the look and function of the original fly pattern. You can see more of Scott Howell's flies at The Flies of Scott Howell and see his notes about this fly below.

Scotty's Notes: This simple, yet very elegant, NW 'classic' was introduced around 1946 and was designed by Lloyd Silvius. It is tied in many variations and continues to be a popular pattern from California to Alaska. In this example, I've substituted the original silver (flat or embossed) tinsel with pearl mylar tinsel for the body, added a subtle rib, and used a 'composite' wing of mixed SLF hanks and calftail.