Steve Burke's Salmon and Steelhead Fly-Tying Guide
Nick's Night Mare
Tied By Scott Howell

Nick's Night Mare, Tied By Scott Howell
Name Nick's Night Mare
Category Salmon/Steelhead
Hook Alec Jackson Spey (Daiichi 2051) or Partridge CS10/1 - Sizes #7 through #2
Tag Fine Gold Oval Tinsel
Body Medium Flat Gold Tinsel
Thorax Davy Wotton SLF (Poul Jorgensen Signature Series) Fire Orange (#20) Dubbing
CollarPurple Hen Hackle
WingAsian Squirrel Tail over sparse HareLine Peacock Green Ice Wing Fiber
HeadBennechi's 12/0 'Lilac' Thread

"Night Mare" was tied by contributing fly tyer Scott Howell. You can see more of Scott Howell's flies at The Flies of Scott Howell and see his notes about this fly below.

Scotty's Notes: This beautiful Steelhead fly was designed by Larry Nicholas of Troutdale, OR. Nick's Night Mare is one several examples of his elegant work featured in the FFF Fly Pattern Encyclopedia and recently in FlyFish America magazine.