Steve Burke's Salmon and Steelhead Fly-Tying Guide
TUBE 'Electric Leech' (Purple)
Designed By Scott Howell

TUBE 'Electric Leech' (Purple), Tied By Scott Howell
Name TUBE 'Electric Leech' (Purple)
Category Salmon/Steelhead
Tail Purple and Lilac MiniBou tied (as a collar) on a Tiemco TMC 2499SPBL Size #4 hook
Tube HMH/Kennebeck River Single-wall Small Diameter Plastic tube - approx 3/4 inch in length
Junction Tube HMH/Kennebeck River Small Pink Vinyl Tubing
Body a wire-core dubbing fan of Purple Angora Goat Dubbing accented with Spirit River 'Purple Haze' and 'Cotton Candy' Lite-Brite
CollarPurple Saddle Hackle - tied short
HeadBenecchi's 12/0 Lilac Thread

Scott Howell's Tube Electric Leech fits right in with the theme this week with a traditionally successful fly tied with modern materials on a tube. See his notes about it below and you can see more of Scott Howell's flies at The Flies of Scott Howell. See also TUBE 'Electric Leech' (Brown) for another example tied in different colors.

Scotty's Notes: There is virtually no end to the range of sizes, colors, and shapes for Leech and Bugger-type patterns. Michael Bennett, the proprietor of Pacific FlyFishers in Mill Creek, Washington, introduced me to his method of blending Lite-Brite with Angora dubbing and dressing the trailing hook (as a separate component) on his marvelous tube flies. This pattern is nothing more than a 'super-sized' variation of Mike's original design which was tied for aggressive Northwest Trout.