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Farnham's Penny
A Scott Howell Fly

Farnham's Penny, A Scott Howell Fly

Name Farnham's Penny
Category Steelhead/Salmon
Hook Partridge CS10/1 Bartleet Traditional or Alec Jackson Spey (Daiichi 2051) Size(s) #5 through #1.5
Tag Fine Gold Oval Tinsel or Gold Wire
Body 1/3 Rust 1X UniFloss - 2/3 'Olive Brown' HareLine Hare-Tron Dubbing (equal parts Dark Olive #19 and Light Olive Brown Hare-Tron)
Rib Small Gold Oval Tinsel
BeardSparse Blue-Eared Pheasant under Red/Brown Golden Pheasant (tied as a Collar)
WingNatural Mottled Turkey Quill
HeadDanville's no-wax 6/0 Black Flymaster thread

Scott, who tied this week's Atlantic Salmon Fly, hairwing style, shows his talent her with feather wings.

This Steelhead and Salmon fly is a simple thank-you for Stu Farnham's gentle tutelage on tying with feather wings. Stu's many talents (and creativity) at the vise are surpassed only by his kind and generous nature - and I'm honored to call him my friend.

You can see more of Scott Howell's flies at The Flies of Scott Howell.