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Simple Night Hawk
Tied By Scott Howell Fly

Simple Night Hawk, Tied By Scott Howell Fly

Name Simple Night Hawk
Category Salmon/Steelhead
Hook Alec Jackson Spey (Daiichi 2051 or 2050) Size #3 through #1.5
Tip/Tag Fine Silver Oval Tinsel and Golden Yellow Floss
Tail Natural GP Crest under (short) FK Blue Saddle Hackle fibers
Butt Red Ostrich Herl
Body Medium Flat Silver Tinsel
Rib Fine Silver Oval Tinsel
CollarBlack Hen Hackle
WingAsian Squirrel Tail
HeadDanville un-waxed 6/0 Fl/Fire Orange Flymaster thread

This beautifully tied version of the Night Hawk was tied by Scott Howell. It is really a classic featherwing pattern converted to a hairwing, and although it was developed for Atlantic Salmon, it has a proven record for taking Pacific Salmon, especially Silvers. This fly should be fished dead drift by mending your fly line or retrieved with short, quick pulls.

You can see more of Scott Howell's flies at The Flies of Scott Howell.