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No Name Blue
Designed and Tied By Scott Howell

No Name Blue, Designed and Tied By Scott Howell

Name No Name Blue
Category Steelhead
Hook Partridge CS10/1 or Alec Jackson Spey (Daaichi 2051) Sizes #6 through #1.5
Tip/Tag Fine Silver Oval Tinsel and Fl Blue Floss
Tail Lady Amherst Tippets
Butt Red Ostrich Herl
Body Purple Dubing - HareLine STS Trilobal
Rib Small Silver Oval Tinsel
CollarPurple and Silver Doc Blue Hen hackle (wound together)
WingWhite Kiptail accented with sparse Silver Holographic Lite-Brite
HeadWhite thread

Blue is a color that was in the past uncommon in Steelhead flies, but it is becoming increasingly more popular on many rivers in Washington and Idaho. Scott Howell developed this fly with that in mind. He writes: "this fly was inspired by a lively conversation about the almost insanely clear glacier-blue colors of the Hoh river. Combinations of purple and Silver Doctor Blue are gaining in popularity and effectiveness for quite a few Olympic Peninsula rivers."

No-Name Blue fits well with the "glacier-blue" theme, not only due to the blue-purple combination. That in combination with the white tail, head and wing give it an almost Icy-Blue appearance. Perhaps it should be called the "Glacier Blue".

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