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Thunder & Lightning (a Pacific Northwest Variant)
Tied By Scott Howell

Thunder & Lightning (a Pacific Northwest Variant), Tied By Scott Howell

Name Thunder & Lightning (a Pacific Northwest Variant)
Category Steelhead
Hook Alec Jackson Spey (Daiichi #2051 or #2059) or Partridge CS10/1
Tip/Tag Fine Copper Oval Tinsel and Pumpkin UniStretch or Golden Yellow Floss
Tail GP Crest under Hot Orange Saddle Hackle fibers
Butt Black Ostrich Herl
Body 1/3 Purple UniStretch, 2/3 Black Dubbing - (a blend of Davy Wotten Black SLF #41 and Purple Ice Angel Hair)
RibSmall Oval Copper Tinsel
Body HackleHot Orange Saddle Hackle (over dubbing)
CollarPurple Hen under KF Blue Guinea Fowl
UnderwingMixed strands of Ruby Red and Purple Haze Lite-Brite
WingNatural Red Fox Squirrel Tail
CheeksJungle Cock (optional)
HeadDanville's no-wax Black 6/0 FlyMaster thread

Thunder and Lightning is another classic Atlantic Salmon fly that Scott Howell has masterfully adapted into a Pacific Northwest Steelhead pattern. Scotty did not send any notes with the fly, but it requires none. There were many variations of the original but none that I know of done with Pacific Northwest Steellheading in mind. The modern materials and form give it a unique "vibrance" and "fishability".

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