Steve Burke's Salmon and Steelhead Fly-Tying Guide
Leon'sArticulated Combination Lure
Originated and Tied By Leon Guthrie

Leon'sArticulated Combination Lure

This new Articulated pattern, was designed by Leon Guthrie from Scotland. These are his notes: This new Articulated pattern has had extensive tests carried out by myself and other anglers. It is a must for any angler's tackle box. I attach a small array of samples of Leon's Articulated Combination Lure. The vast assortment of Lead Patterns and Tail Patterns is exhaustive to say the least by combining hooks on the tail hook-up's and various combinations to suit any particular color the Salmon are going for. It is quick and easy to make a quick change, and the added benefit also is the fact that you are not continuously shortening your leader every time you wish to change a pattern. Presently, on going tests of attachments of various designs are still in progress. Fly Tyers, though can design and try their own patterns using this design. So far I have been delighted with the results.

Rather than send a pattern, Leon found it easier to describe his articulation method better with images. Click on the links below.

[ Tying The Loops on the Hook |Hook Preparation | Lead Patterns| Sample Marabou Attachments | Various Hook Combinations ]

More Notes From Leon: I had forgot to mention the fact that I have constructed the photo's sent to show all aspects of the Articulated Combination Lure so that viewers can understand the build. A lot of the Front Lead Patterns have tails of various material that obscure the link at the tail of the lead pattern with the loops and sometimes has marabou tied on top of the Lead pattern behind the hook eye, thus also obscuring the link on top.

For example The Black Articulated Leech Lead pattern is constructed of Fritz Material with a black marabou tail. It also covers up the link to the rear pattern which is another hook made up with Fritz. The whole assembly looks like a leech but is articulated.

I have made the 12lb nylon loops (Black) in order to see them better in the photos and omitted adding marabou, etc on the tail so the link attachment can be shown.