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Holographic Petal
A Leon Guthrie Fly
Holographic Petal, A Leon Guthrie Fly

Name Holographic Petal
Category Atlantic/Pacific Salmon, Steelhead
Hook TIEMCO 300 Size 6
Body Black Thread
Ribbing Med. Silver Tinsel
Wing Lureflash Holographic Reflector Foil
HeadBlack Thread

Holographic Petal was originated and tied by Leon Guthrie of Galashiels, Scotland. It is not a conventional pattern, but not many of Leon's patterns are. He has been prolific contributor to Salmonfly.Net for a several years, and has become known for his creativity and some very unique patterns. See his extensive notes about this pattern below. You can also see many more of Leon Guthrie's originals at The Flies of Leon Guthrie.

Leon's Notes: It is difficult to get a good photograph due to the reflective nature of the foil and these are designed like the UBU Toby Lures that they use with Spinning Rods. But these are designed for use with a fly rod when targeting Salmon. This is the basic Holographic Petal. Other variations include a small MARABOU tail of different colors and different color threads on the hook shank, but the ribbing remains either gold or silver. The Holographic Reflector Foil comes in a sheet. Whereby you cut 1 inch width from the foil and then peel off the paper backing to show the sticky side. This is then folded in half and pressed firmly to bond together. Then you simply cut out the shape of the Petal ensuring you have a narrow pointed end to secure behind the hook eye. Use a little super glue for that extra hold.

These are very simply made and very effective on the river for salmon. It is important to use a sink tip or Intermediate Line. The hooks are not weighted with lead wire have no requirement to be heavily weighted. The balance and the weight of the TIEMCO Size 6 is ideal for casting and movement of the lure.