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Specific Salmon

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Alec Jackson Spey Hook or a Daiichi #2051 Size # 1.5


Black UTC Thread Grade Size 70 Denier, going back and forth along the hook shank until it's all nice and even. Extends half way around the hook bend

Ribbing Silver wire, each turned with even spacing along the hook shank. Put a few extra turns to hold the wire at the neck area
Tail Red Hackle Fibers
Body Black UTC Thread Grade Size 70 Denier
First Hackle Tuft (Hook Bend) Small Bunch of Red Dyed Cock Cape Feather Fibers, secured with Red UTC Thread Grade Size 70 Denier in a figure of eight fashion, finish putting a few turns around the tuft of feather fibers
Second Hackle Tuft A Bunch of Black Cock cape Feather Fibers and a Smaller Tuft of Yellow Cock Cape Feather Fibers, tied in with Red UTC Thread until you create a nice mound of thread.
Third Hackle Tuft Orange(Top) and Blue (Below) Dyed Cock Cape Feather Fibers again finishing with a nice neat mound of Red UTC Thread.
Fourth Hackle Tuft Red (Top) and Green (Bottom) Cock cape feather fibers,  tied in with  neat mound of Red UTC Thread.
Forward Body Collar of Gold Wire around the Hook Shank about the same length as the Mound of Red UTC Thread
Collar 2 X Black and 2 X Red Cock Cape Hackle Feathers; Tie in 2 of the Black Hackle Feathers. Turn the First One Anti-Clockwise and tie it down and then turn the other black Hackle Feather in a Clockwise Direction. Repeat the same with the 2 RED Hackle Feathers
Head Red UTC thread

Scottish fly tyer, Leon Guthrie, who graced these pages with so many of his unique creations for many years is back with his entry for the 2011 Christmas Fly Contest.  As always, it is done in the whimsical style that only he can create. You can find many more of his flies at his page on this site, The Flies of Leon Guthrie

Leon's Notes: ...Fancy but a bit different from the norm. However, it still does the trick catching salmon.

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