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Arctic Angel GBS
Tied By William Lovelace

Arctic Angel GBS


Arctic Angel GBS

Category Steelhead Fly
Hook Dai Riki 899 #2
Thread Black Monocord
Tail Ruby Slipper Angelina fibers

Key Lime Fluorescent Angelina fibers; Onyx Angelina fibers???

Hackle Black
Wing White Arctic Fox

The Arctic Angel series of flies comes from the bench of Samonfly.Net Contributing Fly Tyer William Lovelace. Arctic Angel GBS is modelled after the popular Green Butt Skunk originated by the late Dan Callaghan.

Bill's notes: "I am calling this series of flies Arctic Angels due to their primary ingredients Arctic Fox wings and bodies and tails made out of Angelina fibers otherwise known to tiers as Ice Dubbing. This is a Green Butt Skunk variation."

Read more about William Lovelace and his flies at The Flies of William Lovelace.

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