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Hot Orange Speal
A William Lovelace Fly

Hot Orange Speal


Hot Orange Speal

Category Steelhead Spey
Hook Partridge CS 10/3 Blind Eye # 1/0 with Cortland 30# braided backing eye
Thread UTC 140 Fl Orange

Fluorescent Orange dubbing


Flat silver tinsel with silver twist counter ribbed to protect the hackle

Hackle Hot Orange schlappen wound spey style

Bronze Mallard

Hot Orange Speal comes from the bench of Samonfly.Net Contributing Fly Tyer William Lovelace.

Bill's notes: "The lack of a collar on this Spey fly distinguishes it as a Speal. In Autumns on the Spey, A. E. Knox listed the Gold and Silver Speals with black bodies."

Read more about William Lovelace and see more of his flies at The Flies of William Lovelace.

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