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Black Marabou
Tied by William Lovelace

Black Marabou 


Black Marabou

Category Steelhead
Hook Mustad 36890 #6 with bead chain eyes
Thread Red Monocord

Pearl Krystal Flash tail tied in at hook midpoint; Black Marabou palmered forward from the Krystal Flash.

Black Marabou was tied by Salmonfly.Net Contributing Fly Tyer William Lovelace.

Bill's Notes: "I tied some solid color marabou flies (Black, Green and Purple) in the early 80’s before I saw George Cook’s multicolored Alaskabou and Popsicle flies. Jack Gartside was creating his Soft Hackle streamer about that time. I also fondly remember fishing my first Mallard Spider streamer 50 years ago. Jack Dennis describes the Mallard spider with the Marabou under wing and mallard collar in Vol. 2 of his Fly Tying Manual.

Read more about William Lovelace and see more of his flies at The Flies of William Lovelace.


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