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The Sir Herbert
Tied by Maxwell MacPherson, Jr.

The Sir Herbert, Tied by Maxwell MacPherson, Jr.

Name The Sir Herbert
Category Classic Atlantic Salmon
Tag Silver thread and pale orange floss
Tail A topping and Indian Crow
Butt Peacock sword feather
Body First three-quarters, flat gold tinsel; remainder, scarlet Seal's fur
Ribs Fine oval silver tinsel
Hackle A light orange hackle
Throat A crimson hackle, or Golden pheasant breast feather
Wings A pair of tippets (back to back), veiled with "married" strands of Bustard, blue and crimson Swan, light mottled Turkey tail and Golden pheasant tail; strands of Peacock herl above
Sides Jungle Cock; a topping over
Horns Scarlet Macaw

The Sir Herbert was tied by Maxwell MacPherson, Jr. Maxwell has an informative web site with this and many other fine examples of Classic Atlantic Salmon Flies, the patterns, and the history of the flies. For more information about this fly and others, visit his site at MaxFlies.