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The Foxford Shrimp
Dressed by Stevie Munn

The Orange & Gold Shrimp 

Name The Orange & Gold Shrimp
Category Atlantic Salmon
Hook 6 – 14 single, treble or double  
Tag Fine oval or flat gold or silver tinsel
Rear Hackle Golden Pheasant rear red body feather, wound
Rear Body Gold Tinsel
Rib Gold oval tinsel or wire
Center hackle Hot Orange
Front body Black Seal’s fur or Floss
Rib Gold or silver oval tinsel or wire
Front Hackle Badger
Head Black

Stevie's Notes: The Orange and Gold Shrimp is another must have salmon fly, that has worked well for many anglers for many years. It is a marvelous fly in peaty stained water or in rivers that are carrying a hint of color in a fresh or on the drop after a flood. It works on both clean and resident fish and would be a good first choice fly to try on most rivers in Ireland.

You can see more of the flies tied by Stevie Munn at The Flies of Stevie Munn.

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