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Yellow Shrimp
Tied by Stevie Munn

Yellow Shrimp


Yellow Shrimp

Category Atlantic Salmon
Hook Samurai double  8 – 14
Tag Fine oval or flat silver tinsel
Rear Hackle Golden Pheasant rear body feather, wound
Rear Body Yellow Seal’s fur
Rib Fine or medium oval tinsel
Center Hackle Yellow cock
Front body Black Seal’s fur or floss
Rib Fine or medium oval silver tinsel
Front Hackle Badger cock
Head Black

Yellow Shrimp was tied by Irish fly fishing instructor and guide and Salmonfly.Net contributing fly tyer, Stevie Munn. Although it was tied for Atlantic Salmon, it is one of those flies that could easily cross over as a Steelhead fly.

Stevie's Notes: "A very good fly for both salmon and dollaghan especially when used as a dropper. "

You can see more of the flies tied by Stevie Munn at The Flies of Stevie Munn. on this site and get more information about obtaining his services as a guide/instructor or shop his tackle store at his web site, Angling Classics.

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