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River Glitter Bug, Hot Pink
A Paul Smith Fly

River Glitter Bug, Hot Pink 

Name River Glitter Bug, Hot Pink
Category Pacific Salmon
Hook Gamakatsu B10S Stinger Hook
Thread Danville's 210 denier , flat waxed nylon
Tail 4 to 5 strands lateral scale Flashabou , pearl
Body Estaz grande
Wing Flashabou , pearl
Eyes Real-eyes plus 7/32
Head Speckled chenille fl. hot pink

River Glitter Bug was originated and tied by Contributing Fly Tyer, Paul Smith. Paul has been a major contributor of Pacific Salmon flies to Salmonfly.Net over the years. If you haven't seen any of Paul's Pacific Salmon flies yet, take a look at The Flies of Paul Smith.

Also see the following color variations for more ideas.

River Glitter Bug CharteuseRiver Glitter Bug OrangeRiver Glitter Bug PurpleRiver Glitter Bug WhiteRiver Glitter Bug Green

Paul Smith was injured on the job in 1991, had several back surgeries, and for eight years had been unable to fish at all. Instead, during that time, he took up fly tying and developed his own line of flies which he now sells in his business, River King Flies.

River King Flies
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River King Flies Catalogue
River King Flies Catalogue


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