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Step 7

Whitefish Version

 Tie and spin a medium chump of dark deer hair at shoulder. Tips should be shank length. Don’t worry that you might have over dressed the fly.

Tie in 6 strands of pearl flashabou. Right now you are probably a little nervous because your once artsy looking fly looks like a deer hair rag muffin.

Take your sharp scissors and carefully trim out the deer hair as a tight collar, and sparce wing. Be sure not to trim out the flashabou with it. This is the finished fly.

Note: Sometimes I will simply add the Flashabou after trimming just so I donít have to mess with it. But I find Flashabou in the wing as opposed to over it a little more realistic. Not sure if the fish really care. You can add a black dot on the silver bead for the eye. Your call.


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