Welcome to Steve Burke's Salmon and Steelhead Fly Tying Guide
Guidelines for Submitting Photos to Salmonfly.Net or Salmonflytying.Com











  • Email me at burkemeister@salmonfly.net to let me know you have a photo(s) to send and I'll send your a log in ID to upload it (them). Please identify yourself in the email with your name and what the photo(s) is (are) about at a minimum.
  • The picture does not to be of a fish you caught. Scenery pictures, especially those that show rivers, lakes, or other waters, are encouraged. If your photo is of a fish you caught, it should be taken next to the body of water where it was caught, not in your yard or kitchen.
  • I may have to resize or change the resolution of pictures you send to fit the screen and make them load faster.
  • Put as much information as you can about the photo(s) on the upload form.


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