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Steve Burke I have been featuring the flies of many national international and tyers over the years and finally felt obligated to present some of my own in the same format. The flies you see here are some of my favorites and a sampling of the the many I have tied for this site. As you will see, I have a preference for Pacific Salmon flies. I'm not sure why. I grew up trying to "match the hatch" by tying flies for some of the most selective trout in the Northeast. Pacific Salmon flies are mostly colorful attractors. I guess it's because I like to fish a fly for them. I always dreamed as a youngster of catching a monster trout on a fly, but never dreamed I could ever catch anything as large as a salmon. I am blessed to now be living in the Northwest where I can do that!

Some of the flies here are of my own design. Some were originated by other tyers (with credit given). With that said, you can view some of my flies here now, see some in my fly album, or read a little about my background first, but I won't waste more space on this page with my bio. If you are interested, it is posted at About the Webmaster.

Tight Lines! Just not too tight :)

Steve Burke

The Flies

Purple Parakeet Parakeet, Eyed Battle Creek Alaska Candlefish Chartreuse Spider Web

Black Boss Chum Salmon Slammer Edgy Poacher Egg-Sucking Zonker Leech Sparkle Shrimp, Hot Pink

JW Enticer (Variant 2) Lemon-Lime Little Chum Bug Little Estuary Leech, Chartreuse Over-Under

Roxie Roxanne Squamish Poacher Pink Lady Salmon Spawn

The Kilchis Green Bjorn's Super Prawn The Spanker

More Flies

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