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About Salmonfly.Net Stores

Salmonfly.Net is a free internet magazine, but there are costs associated with its production, not the least of which are the time it takes to put these pages together. There are also other costs for space on a server and domain name registration. These affiliate stores are meant to defray some of those costs, although what we earn is just pennies on the dollar. The stores - Orvis, Cabellas, and Amazon.Com are well-known for quality and service, so we know hope that you will consider them for your fly-fishing and fly-tying needs. You don't have to buy any of the products here, but if you start your shopping by clicking through the links, we will earn credit for your purchase.

Book Store

Steelhead Country, Angling in Northwest Waters by Steve RaymondAt this Amazon.Com store stocked with books just for Salmonfly.Net customers,  you will find hundreds of  Salmon, Steelhead fly fishing and fly tying books. Many of them can be purchased from third party sellers at bargain prices. If you don't find what you are looking, Amazon.Com's search engine can find anything.

Fly Rod Store

Fly Rod StoreOrvis has long been known for fly rods of exceptional quality. You will find a large selection of fly rods here from the rather expensive custom made split bamboo models to economically priced models for every budget.

Hooks and Thread

BHookselieve it or not, Amazon.Com has a large collection of Salmon and Steelhead fly hooks, so we have used them as our main source.

Hooks and ThreadBut for threads, we have found again that Orvis is the best source. Click on either link.

Fly Reels

Fly ReelsAt Orvis, anglers will find several fishing reel choices that are optimally designed for all species of freshwater game fish. Their saltwater fly fishing reel selection includes mid-arbor fly reels and large-arbor fly reels that provide faster line retrieval speeds to gather fly line quickly. The also have fly fishing reels designed to help fly fishermen take on big game fish, from sailfish and tarpon to big-river steelhead and Pacific salmon, too.

Fly Lines and Backing

Fly LinesFloating, sinking, sink tip, multi-tip, shooting heads: You name it and Orvis has it, including their new Wonderline Gen III lines 7% slicker than other fly lines, to instantly increase your casting distance and decrease tangle.



Fly PatternsOrvis has a near endless selection of dry flies and wet flies. In addition you will find a great collection of nymphs, streamers, pike, panfish and bass flies. And best of all, there is a good selection of steelhead flies, salmon flies, and saltwater flies.

Fly Tying Materials

Fly Tying MaterialsQuality  hackle capes from Whiting, prime northern bucktails, rabbit and fox zonkers, ice dubbing, ice chenilles, fish fiber, you name it. You will find it here from Orvis.

Beads and Coneheads

Beads and ConeheadsOrvis high quality tungsten beads are the sizes, shapes, and colors necessary to create those exciting new fly tying patterns and give you streamside productivity and these coneheads are incredibly effective for getting streamer, saltwater, and salmon flies down deep to attract fish.

Desks and Organizers

Desks and OrganizersAs Orvis puts it,  "With all the time, energy, and money you've dedicated to the study and practice of fly tying, your tools and materials deserve more than just ordinary storage space." These organizers make great gifts for your fly fishing friend or relative, but don't let that stop you from buying one for yourself.

Desks and Organizers

Vises and ToolsMake fly tying a little easier with an incredible selection of Renzetti and Orvis vises and vise accessories plus all you will need in  scissors, bobbins, threaders, whip finishers and other precision tools .


WadersOrvis knows what it is doing when it comes to waders. They have been designing them and improving them for years. Now you can purchase Orvis 100% guaranteed waders and access their online resource center with lots of information about Wader Care, Size Charts, Wader Boots and Accessories. The best thing is that they have waders to fit any budget. You don't need to be wealthy to afford the best.



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