Steve Burke's Salmon and Steelhead Fly-Tying Guide
Jamie Webb Flies


Tied by Jamie Webb



Hook: Gold spey hook, approx. 4/0

Tip: Flat silver tinsel

Tail: Golden pheasant crest

Tail Veiling: Golden pheasant tippet, short.

Body: Rear Half - Orange seal fur palmered with golden yellow hackle & ribbed with med. silver tinsel. Front Half - Black silk floss palmered with black heron hackle(sub-burned goose or eared pheasant), ribbed with wide silver tinsel and silver lace.

Wing: Cinnamon turkey (substitute-peacock wing primaries)

Throat: Teal flank

Cheeks: Jungle cock, drooping.

Head: Black lacquer

Note: Jamie writes that the Ackroyd is known as "the poor man's "Jock Scott", and for good reason; the coloration is somewhat similar, but the materials are a hunderd times less expensive.

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