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A Jurij (Yuri) Shumakov Fly from his Pacific Salmon Series

Violetly Happy, A Jurij (Yuri) Shumakov Fly

Name Violetly Happy
Category Pacific Salmon
Tube Eppendorf plastic lab tippet
TagHolo Silver flat tinsel
ButtChinese red Uni-stretch
TailBunch of barbs from cock feather in purple colour
BodyRoman Mozers ghost-fiber dubbing in deep purple colour
RibFlat silver holo tinsel
WingLilac Mirage flashabou; small bunch of silver fox tail fur; magenta, purple and silver holo Angel hair; bunch Icelandic horse hair died in lilac over the wing a few strands of black holo flashabou
Front HackleCock and guinea dyed in purple

This amazing fly is a creation from the vise of Contributing Fly Tyer, Jurij (Yuri)Shumakov. Tube flies have been popular in Europe and Scandinavia for quite some time, but have not gained a significant foothold in North America. Fortunately for us, Yuri has had the opportunity to fish his flies for Pacific salmon and they have proven quite successful. You can see more of Yuri's flies at The Flies of Jurij (Yuri)Shumakov.

YURI'S NOTES: The fly was transformed from one of the Steelhead patterns, which has been kindly provided by tier Tanya Rooney from Portland, Oregon. The fly took so many Silver salmon, that I lost interest fishing with it while on a fishing trip to the Kolpakova River (Kamchatka) last year. It worked best on sinking lines. Flies tied on a 1 inch plastic tube require more attention to hook size, because the hook keeps the fly in the right position for the take. Too heavy a hook may affect the silhouette of the fly while you fish with it in slow water.

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