Steve Burke's Salmon and Steelhead Fly-Tying Guide
A Jurij (Yuri) Shumakov Fly from his Kola Collection

Shonguj, A Jurij (Yuri) Shumakov Fly
Name Shonguj
Category Atlantic Salmon
Tube Brass, type Long Range, 4 mm in dia, ? inch long; inner plastic tube 1.5 mm
BodyBrass tube type Long Range 4 mm in dia.; slots dyed with Glow red varnish
WingOrange Mirage flashabou; small bunch of Serebrjanka fur dyed in hot orange; orange and silver holo angel hair; small bunch of Serebrjanka fur dyed in fiery orange; orange, red and silver holo angel hair; bunch of Serebrjanka fur dyed in fiery red; red and silver holo angel hair; bunch of polar fox tail fur dyed brownish red; red, brown and cooper angel hair; over the wing as a thin layer of long Serebrjanka hair dyed in black with a few strands of fine black ripple flash
Front HackleOne feather after another one: cock dyed in yellow, red and black
CheeksJungle cock, first "eye" dyed with hot orange

We continue here with the amazing Tube Fly creations from the vise of new Contributing Fly Tyer, Jurij (Yuri)Shumakov. Tube flies have been popular in Europe and Scandinavia for quite some time, but have not gained a significant foothold in North America. You can see more of Yuri's flies at The Flies of Jurij (Yuri)Shumakov.

YURI'S NOTES: This colour combination is in use on many rivers accross the Kola Peninsula and Scandinavia. The front hackle is something in between normal cock and Spey gives this pattern more mobility.

For information about the tubes Yuri uses to tie his flies and for more of his patterns, read his article in the Rackelhanen Flyfishing Magazine.