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Chapoma Pearl Spey
A Yuri Shumakov Fly From His Spey Collection

Chapoma Pearl Spey, A Yuri Shumakov Fly 

Name Chapoma Pearl Spey
Category Steelhead/Atlantic Salmon
Tag Oval silver tinsel and glow red fine floss
Tail SLF hanks in red
Butt Black ostrich
Body Rear half: flat pearl tinsel; Front half: black floss
Middle Section Butt Black ostrich
Rib Oval silver tinsel
Body Hackle Black cock with long barbs
Wing 2 strands if red Mirror flash, bunch of Arctic fox tail hair in black, 2X2 strands of black and red angel hair, bunch of Arctic fox tail hair in black, over 5-6 strands of fine ripple flash (type organza) in rusty orange colour
Front Hackle GP breast feather
CheeksJungle Cock

Chapoma Pearl Spey is one of the flies in the new series of Speys presented by Yuri Shumakov. Yuri, who has been noted on this site for his exceptional Tube Flies, shows his versatility with this series of Speys. You can see more of Yuri's flies at The Flies of Jurij (Yuri) Shumakov. See his notes about this fly below.

YURI'S NOTES: I have had great fun experimenting with materials and fly appearances while I worked on these patterns and fished with them. I can't say that they are my major weapon, but I always have a few spey flies with me. I found in the last 3 years that flies with pearl bodies or part of it work extremely well in certain conditions, especially with sunny weather. My interest in tying pearly flies was triggered by a fly presented by Alistair Gowans in one of UK fly fishing magazines a few years ago. I don't tie spey flies just because of the Spey style, but mostly for their effectiveness. Additionally, I always wish to have something unusual in my fly-box. Since I discovered the unique ability of American tyers to create new patterns just using single hooks, I decided to share some of my spey flies with American fisherman and fisherwomen. I hope it can be interesting for those who prefer tying on single irons. 


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